When is it too cold to replace my windshield?

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When you replace your windshield during the winter months, the outside temperature and humidity dramatically impact the “Safe Drive Time” of your windshield replacement.  Windshield adhesives all have this rating which tells the service technician installing your windshield when it is safe for the customer to drive the vehicle.  These rating are based on the current temperature and humidity at the time of the windshield installation and can vary dramatically based on the adhesive the shop uses.

All adhesives are not created equally!  An adhesive that has a 2 hour safe drive time at 72 degrees can have a 24 hour safe drive time at 25 degrees or longer.  Some adhesives have an 8 hour safe drive time at 72 degrees which makes them an even worse choice when the weather turns cold.  Many shops use these adhesives even during the winter months because they are very inexpensive and they can make it appear they are giving you a better deal.

Windshield adhesive manufactures also use different processes to establish Safe Drive Time numbers for their adhesives.

Some windshield adhesive manufactures will test their products using crash test dummies that are “belted” into the vehicle which puts much less stress on the adhesive when the air bags deploy as the crash test dummies do not impact the windshield during testing.  Testing in this manner allows the manufacture to publish a lower Safe drive time number.

All Pro auto Glass uses Sika adhesives that test using “unbelted” crash test dummies during their certification which increases dramatically the stress placed on the adhesive and windshield.  A safe drive time rating using crash test dummies that are seat belted into the vehicle is not the same as a rating from a manufacture that does not use seat belts when certifying their adhesives.  Only approximately 83% of occupants of motor vehicles use seat belts.  Are those occupants at risk in the event of an accident? Yes they are.

Glass shops are responsible for informing their customers when it is safe to drive the vehicle based on the adhesive used and the impact the temperature and humidity have on that adhesive. Unfortunately the truth is often misrepresented.

At All Pro Auto Glass, we take your safety very seriously so we use Sika adhesive that has a safe drive time of one hour even in temperatures down to “0” degrees.  That drive time rating is for all the occupants of your vehicle.  Not just those that use seat belts.

We will not put your safety at risk so we use only the best.

If you use a shop other than All Pro Auto Glass, please make sure the shop you use puts your safety first as well.   The safety of you, your family and friends is not worth the risk of using a shop that will cut corners by using a less expensive adhesive.

Yes they will spend less on getting your windshield installed, but are the few dollars they put in their pocket worth your safety?

When is it too cold to replace my windshield?   It depends on the shop you use but we can safely replace your windshield even when the temperature drops to “0” if need be.

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